Tillman Networks

Tillman Networks is a provider of network infrastructure services for telecom operators in the U.S. and European markets.


Tillman Networks was founded in 2019 to provide a holistic solution to network deployment at the national level. Tillman Networks offers a complete portfolio of services: site development, design and engineering, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure. Tillman strives to provide a high quality, turnkey solution that puts its customers first.


Tillman Networks' Services Include

Site identification

Site surveys

Lease negotiations

Technical site survey Reports

Local Zoning

Use Permit Issues

National Regulatory and Permitting

RF Design

RFDS Design

Bill of Material Creation

Backhaul Design

Process Optimization

Site layout

Utility Design

Power Coordination

Zoning support (Photo Sim)

Structural Modification Design

Safety Management

Subcontractor Management

Antenna and Line Installation

Sweep, PIM, Fiber & Meg Testing

Power and Telco Installation & Coordination

Close-Out Package & Preparation

Power Up

RF Optimization

Network Integration

Acceptance testing and troubleshooting

Network Auditing & Inspection

Network Operations Center Support (NOC)

Site access point maintenance

Software management

Equipment modifications

Wireless tower maintenance

Tower foundation maintenance

Structural modifications

Site Decommissioning

Tillman Networks is a subsidiary of Tillman Global Holdings (“TGH”).

Founded by Sanjiv Ahuja, Tillman Global Holdings is a holding company focused on building businesses with long-term value. The firm invests in and manages telecommunications towers, small cells and smart city businesses in both developed and emerging markets.

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If you’d like to learn more, or have questions about Tillman Networks please reach out.